Goods terms of return

Conditions of return and exchange of Goods

1. Return and exchange are subject to the Goods of improper quality, as well as the Goods of good quality, except for the Goods of good quality, having individually defined properties, if the specified Goods can be used exclusively by you.

2. The Goods shall be returned and exchanged at the place where the Order is received. Return and exchange of Goods in regions with delivery of postage shall be carried out by means of postal delivery.

3. In order to return the Goods, you must submit a request to Bookngame Customer Support. Consideration of the claim shall be carried out not later than 7 days from the moment of its submission.

4. Cash is returned only if the passport is presented in the Bookngame store at Kazan, N. Ershova Str. 1А, Corston TC, basement floor.

5. All questions related to the terms of return and exchange of the Goods, as well as the return of funds, can be sent to Bookngame Customer Support at

Goods of inadequate quality containing hidden (printing or production) scrap

1. You are hereby notified that the hidden marriage of the Goods is a marriage revealed only during the use of the products.

1.1. Hidden printing marriage is recognized as:

* Inverted, skipped, confused pages

* Mirroring text or illustrations

* Incomplete and inconsistent elements of the unit

* Unsolicited pages except as provided (white sheets)

* Unprinting (pixel loss), "pale print," double print

* Gluing pages and damaging text or illustrations when opening

* Cut edge of text or illustrations on strip ("stabbed" text or illustrations)

* Text or illustrations "gone" to the root

* Incorrect insertion of the block into the cover, the block is inverted, "alien" block

* Film pressing defects (lamination), peeling and film breakouts

* Uneven folding and flapping of cover valve

1.2.An open industrial marriage is the absence of necessary elements in the Goods, as well as the presence of unnecessary components that may cause harm, inconvenience or difficulty in using the Goods.

2. If you find a printing or production marriage in the Goods, you must submit a claim to Bookngame Customer Support no later than 20 days from the date of receipt of the Order containing the Goods with printing or production marriage. Consideration of the request for return of the Goods shall take place within a period not exceeding 10 days from the moment of its admission to the Customer Support Service, at the same time:

2.1. The exchange of the Goods containing printing or industrial marriage shall take place not later than 7 days, and if additional inspection is necessary 20 days from the date of submission of the corresponding claim to the Customer Support Service.

2.3. All questions related to the rejection of the Goods of inadequate quality and their exchange, as well as the return of funds, you can send to the Customer Support Service at

Other conditions

1. You agree that in case of partial rejection of the Goods, in case it is part of a set, or a multi-volume edition (for example, a book in 2 volumes), the return is made only by the complete set.

2. You agree that the difference of actual elements of design or design of the Goods from those stated in the description on the Site does not affect its quality and does not violate the terms of the Agreement.

3. You agree that Bookngame does not consider or accept claims relating to the Goods having traces of use, including, but not limited to, damage to the exterior or interior appearance (scratches, broken corners, torn or dirty pages), broken or broken parts, deformation or falling out of the book block, where the damages referred to in this clause have been identified after the Goods have been handed over to You.